Volume 3: Issue 8

“Silence of the Bands” leaves audience speechless

Featuring eight different performances, students brought talent to the Black Box Cabaret at this year’s annual Battle of the Bands competition.

This town just ain’t big enough for both off-road rigs.

Although the Toyota TRD Pro and Ford F-150 Raptor are set up similarly and make solid, reliable trucks, there can only be one at the top.

Childhood things that scary movies ruined

Clowns Whoever decided clowns should be used to make children happy at the circus made a terrible mistake. When has a child ever laughed when...

These scary stories will haunt you

Forgetting to fill out your FAFSA Filling out your FAFSA forms is super intimidating, but missing the due date to fill them out is terrifying!...

“Bill Nye: Past and Present” event sparks discussion

The Environmental Affairs Committee (EAC) held a public viewing of both “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and “Bill Nye Saves the World” on Oct....

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Letter from the editor

Dear Otters, The Lutrinae will be taking a brief hiatus over the fall break and will be pausing production until we return to campus on...