Volume 3: Issue 8

“Silence of the Bands” leaves audience speechless

Featuring eight different performances, students brought talent to the Black Box Cabaret at this year’s annual Battle of the Bands competition.

Upcoming concerts

Before campus clears for Thanksgiving Break, check out which artists will be making their way through the Bay.

Autumn playlist

As the nights come earlier and all things pumpkin spice begin appearing, these smooth jazzy tunes will go perfectly with a blanket and warm fire.

College got you stressed? Well now it can stress out your sims too

The long awaited university pack is finally coming to the Sims 4, allowing Sims to truly immerse themselves into their new college lives.

This day in history: Oct. 31

1864 Nevada becomes the 36th state of the Union. 1918 21,000 people in the United States die in the span of a week, due to the Spanish...

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Proposed doubling AS fee

Students were amongst the first to hear about a proposed Associate Students (AS) Fee increase during the General Council Meeting hosted by Inter Club...