By Madi Rapella
Risen by Madi Rapella.

And despite the darkness she has risen
Above the dust and shackles of steel
She realized she was her own prison
She had succumbed to this never-ending wheel

It belittled and tortured her in the loneliest hour
It clawed at her heart and messed with her mind
She felt like she was locked away in a tower
For she loathed the vessel she was assigned

But deep inside the cracks of her essence
She knew she could overcome the voices
Of her toxic years of adolescence
She always knew she had other choices

This way of life could not commence
She aspired to flourish and rise
For she owed it to her soul to recompense
Before it withers away and dies

She knew she was a fragile being
But she held onto the new-found vision
Of a life that was tender and freeing
And despite the darkness she has risen

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