Working out a new campus Recreation Center

A new recreation center is under construction and expected to be ready for students to use in spring 2024, according to officials. It will be located in building 29 on Sixth Avenue, with new equipment for strength training and cardio. 

The Otter Sports Complex (OSC) has limited availability for students because it has reserved times for athlete training. While the OSC will still be open to students at designated times, the new recreation center will have more flexible hours. The hope is that having two facilities to choose from will help provide a less chaotic environment for students. 

The $2.1 million project is currently in the design phase, and construction is scheduled to start in winter 2023. 

Students who are frequent visitors of the OSC are anticipating the new facilities opening. “[CSUMB] wants a growing student population but we have a tiny gym that can barely support the student athletes,” said third-year Jourdan Garnier. 

Garnier is eagerly waiting to make use of the new strength training machines. “[In the OSC] there’s no machines, it’s a bunch of free weights. I’m a powerlifter, so I love free weights, that’s my bread and butter, but leg press and other machines would make it a much more modern and well rounded experience.”

Designed to be accessible to students of all skill levels and physical abilities, the new fitness center will have improved equipment such as Peloton bikes and rowing machines.

Associated Students advocated for a new gym, specifically for student use, during a senate meeting in the spring semester last year, when members agreed that it’s needed on campus. 

According to Associate Director of Construction, Matthew Kelly, the design team is considering the needs and suggestions of campus groups such as AS, Kinesiology and the Student Disability and Accessibility Center. “We wanted to make sure that we got feedback from everyone so it’ll work for every type of student.”

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