Otter become artists at MAESTROs’ Paint and Sip Social

College of Education (COE) students had a chance to get creative, make their own art pieces and enjoy some root beer floats with their peers at a “Paint and Sip Social” last week. 

Last Thursday, Sept. 28, the Making Accessible and Effective Systems for Teacher Readiness Outcomes (MAESTROs) program at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) hosted the “Paint and Sip Social.”

The mixer, intended as a social event for students who are a part of the COE. Students were encouraged to grab a root beer float and a how-to-draw guide, take a seat in the Student Center lounge and socialize. 

Table with painting instructions and a finished painting of an otter with flowers on its head. Plate, a cup, and file folder are also on the table.

This particular Paint and Sip featured an image of an otter as the painting for the evening. 

Students were also encouraged to go outside of the box if they wished. MAESTROs coordinators were ecstatic to see students’ original ideas outside of the provided otter image.

As the event unfolded, the Student Center lounge buzzed with activity. Around 20-30 COE students, equipped with provided art supplies, gathered around tables to try their hand at the otter image. Students laughed and mingled as they worked on their pieces.

MAESTROs does not currently have a set date for the next “Paint and Sip” event, but confidently declared this one as the “First Paint and Sip of the semester,” leaving students to hope for more to come. 

To stay up to date with future MAESTROs coordinated events, students can follow the organization on MyRaft.

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