Joey Forde brings EDM rhythm up the California Coast

Joseph Forde began making music in his hometown of San Diego and as the musical expedition persisted north, artistry continued to be nurtured. 

The flow of connections from past generations and heritage sparked with the turn and spin on the turntable. The creation of sound erupted through the same movements that his father once made.

Fully self-taught as a DJ and producer, Forde started developing his knowledge of music at a young age. Around second grade, he was playing on an old turntable and traveling with his father around Southern California to concerts and events for his father’s work. During this time, Forde had some of his first experiences with passion and sound in the music industry. This underpinning knowledge and experience is one of many that his father has passed down. 

A source of inspiration for Forde has been his father, who was a DJ in his home country of Trinidad and Tobago and owned a sound production company during Forde’s childhood. Even though they have different directions with their musical endeavors, his father has been a figure of creativity to look up to. “He does help me in a way to understand how to level and master your sound and make it all even because he does have that sound engineering aspect of his life that got brought onto me,” he said.

With similarities in beats and the connection to his heritage, the appeal to incorporate his Carribean side into his new music is starting to echo within him. “It has more of a groovy style to it,” Forde explained. “Also, I want to get connected with that side and really understand how their music is made and why it is that way.” 

Forde says that he finds motivation in nature and in everyday life. The motivation to succeed in doing something that he is passionate about and that has deep ties to his family, is in some ways a tribute. “I had two brothers before me that unfortunately passed,” said Forde. “And so, I am living my life and making music and pushing myself out there. [It is] a way to pay respect to them.”

Now a second-year student studying music at California State University, Monterey Bay, Forde is concentrating on incorporating new influences into his music. “If I’m not skating, I’m making music,” he said. Joey produces music as well as DJing. He currently creates music in the genres of EDM, House and Techno House with a new intention to make more music in the big room house genre. 

“I find a lot of enjoyment in creating new sounds and I like trying out new things. And so with houses, they have a lot of effects, like how Reggae does. So I’m able to use that side of Reggae to put it into house and try out new things,” he explained.

“If I didn’t have friends who supported my music and who didn’t push me to keep trying new things, or if I didn’t have a creative mentality, then I don’t think I’d be as far as I am right now,” said Forde. “Most of my music is made with the intention to make people happy and to make them feel something. That’s my main goal.”

He achieved this goal while DJing at the Deja Blue Club in Seaside this past September. The room was hot with movement and sweat was dripping off bodies as they moved in all directions, following the groove of the beats. The crowd dispersed after the set, while smiles remained on their faces. 

At the moment Forde is working toward a solo career without needing additional help from being signed to a label so that he can create and express his music without restrictions. He is working on incorporating instrumentals into the music he produces, including drums, bass and piano.

Aside from producing, Forde continues to DJ in different spaces and share his music with others. He hopes to start releasing music on Spotify and Soundcloud soon.


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