Job & Internship fair opens doors for students entering the workforce

Nearly 200 opportunity-seeking students voyaged to the University Center for the Job & Internship fair on Oct. 17. Businesses, community organizations and even departments on campus tabled and shared information about their available positions. 

Career Development hosted the Job & Internship fair, and Associate Director Rhonda Evans shared some tips for students entering the workforce. “Students need to understand that they’re selling a product to the employer in an interview. You’re bringing value to the company.”

At the career fair, students could ask recruiters “questions they can’t ask in an interview” and touch base with career center staff, according to Evans.

Granite Construction is a locally owned and operated company looking to fill entry level and internship positions, and they came to the right place. Positions vary from construction to business, and internship programs give students a “hands on experience.” Entry level and internship roles often open doors to higher positions in the company; Granite Construction’s current CEO started as an intern 30 years ago. 

The California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) department of Human Resources also has open positions, and sought out potential at the fair. CSUMB HR associate Lady Hernandez, urges students entering the workforce to “look at the big picture, don’t think that maybe because you don’t have all of the qualifications yet, you can’t pursue what you want.” HR is hiring student assistants and regularly employs CSUMB alumni. 

Nia Smith and Dominic Nye, both third-year psychology majors, browsed the fair and learned about the opportunities available to them. “The one that interested me the most was the aquarium, their volunteer programs interested me and I also looked prior to going here. Having a face to face conversation with someone who’s trying to recruit is nice,” said Nye. 

The two left the fair with helpful insights regarding their futures. “It’s very easy when the school provides so much support. I was needing to reach out and when it was put right in front of me, it’s way easier,” said Smith. 

Students who are interested in career opportunities can learn more about participating employers at the Career & Internship fair website.

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