Gore and guts – “Saw X”

Do you want to play a game?

“Saw X,” the tenth installment in the “Saw” franchise, definitely lived up to the gruesome tradition seen throughout the series. 

Set in Mexico (yellow tint and all), John Kramer (aka Jigsaw) seeks retribution on those who have done him wrong. After Jigsaw’s pig-masked accomplice hunts down and captures the group, we see them fight for their lives one by one as they try to escape Jigsaw’s highly imaginative and appalling “games.” And yes, the toe-curling/gut-wrenching gore we expect from “Saw” was present throughout the entire film. 

Right off the bat, I’ll mention that I did not love this movie. I thought the writing was not great, the ending was uneventful and I am just not the biggest fan of body-horror films. Plus, I have not seen all of the “Saw” series; this likely impacts this review in a negative light. But, I stand by my thoughts. 

There were some redeeming qualities worth mentioning. The main one being how the film succeeded in making me super uncomfortable – so uncomfortable that I was curled up in my seat nearly hyperventilating over the bloodshed I was watching. The other being the acting of Jigsaw (played by Tobin Bell), his pig accomplice (played by Shawnee Smith) and a select few of his victims (Gabriela, Mateo and Valentina). 

If you are into gore, this may be a movie for you. If you are like me and prefer scary movies with ghosts and boogeymen, maybe stay home and save your movie ticket for a different upcoming horror film, such as “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” coming out Oct. 27.

I would give “Saw X” two out of five tricycles. 


Have you ever walked into a theater auditorium, walked to your seat, and found someone sitting in your place? This happened when I went to see both “Saw X” and “The Exorcist: Believer,” and it was very frustrating. 

For those who encounter this happening to them, my advice is to stand up for yourself! You are well within your rights to sit in the seat that you purchased. I’m aware that this can be difficult for those with social anxiety, myself included, but a simple question/statement can usually solve the problem with ease. 

For those of you who sit in the wrong seat (especially for a crowded movie) … Stop! This only complicates things for those around you. If you are asked to move, you should move. If you choose to argue with the other movie-goer or staff member, you will be watched by most, if not all the spectators in the theater – and will look like a jerk.

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