Contamination in Seaside’s water supply

A water pressure malfunction in the Seaside Municipal Water System (SMWS) occurred on Oct. 1, resulting in a boil water notice for the city of Seaside. Stomach or intestinal illnesses may be a result of consuming contaminated water, and the city advised that residents boil their water even if it has been filtered on Oct. 2.

According to a report from the SMWS, an impacted area is estimated to be “Yosemite Street to the West to General Jim Moore Boulevard to the East,” in the Seaside Highlands. The water supplier for California State University, Monterey Bay is the Marina Coast Water District (MCWD), meaning the water on campus comes from a separate source. However, Seaside groundwater flows toward Marina and may merge near the Salinas river according to MCWD officials.

Contaminated water may have a normal appearance, so it’s advised that all drinking water be boiled or decontaminated with a disinfection tablet, especially if it’s cloudy or discolored. Laundry, showering and bathing is reportedly safe as long as no water is consumed, according to the SMWS report. It is recommended that pets be given boiled/decontaminated water as well. 

It is estimated that the issue will be resolved by Wednesday, Oct. 4, and residents will be informed by the city when test results are clean. 


  1. Good morning. Well, it is now the 4th… and I am still boiling water to wash my dishes and it has been a big inconvenience. But in order to have my family safe until further notice I will wait for the green light we are all safe. 
    Thanks for all your doing to keep us few protected. 

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