The Mystery of Spooktember – “A Haunting in Venice”

Do you have a penchant for the paranormal? Are you mystified by a murder mystery? If you are, “A Haunting in Venice” may be the film for you. 

Set in Venice, Italy, during the 1940s, this film will likely captivate audiences with its gorgeous visuals and perplexing plot. The film has a variety of characters to pick from, which asks the audience, ‘Who done it?’ It is similar to “Clue” or “The Glass Onion” but with a frightening undertone. 

The plot takes place on Halloween night in a “haunted” palazzo. Children and adults of the town gather to celebrate Halloween, but certain individuals stay behind to attend a late-night seance. What happens at the seance? Something diabolical. 

It is up to the audience and a cunning ex-detective, played by Kenneth Branagh, to figure out who is terrorizing the palazzo. Was it the medium, played by Michelle Yeoh? Could it have been the struggling author, played by Tina Fey? Or was it something from beyond the grave? 

The film is an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1969 novel, “Hallowe’en Party,” and was produced by 20th Century Studios. Kenneth Branagh both directed, and played the main character – Hercule Poirot, one of Christie’s most celebrated characters who has appeared in 33 of her novels.  

I personally really enjoyed this film! It was beautiful to watch; the cinematography and location of the film fascinated me. The murder mystery trope also intrigued me, with certain suspects standing out more than others. Michelle Yeoh played her role well, and I also loved her character in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Also, seeing Tina Fey was such a treat; many know of her role in “Mean Girls” as Ms. Norbury, but I also loved her in “Date Night.”  

If you are in the mood to solve a murder, or if you are a proper ghost-hunter, consider stopping by theaters to see “A Haunting in Venice.” 


Cinemark Theaters (The Dunes or Del Monte) offer standard format tickets for $6.50 each Tuesday, so consider making Tuesday night – “Movie Night.”

Discounted Cinemark tickets ($6.00) are also offered in the Associated Students box office, located at the Otter Student Union in room 302 (hours of operation vary by day).

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