Teezo Touchdown wants to know “How Do You Sleep at Night?”

Teezo Touchdown, a fairly fresh face in the hip-hop scene, has been making noise for a little over two years. Teezo’s career started in 2019 with his first single, “Slice.” Four years later, he’s dropped his debut album, “How Do You Sleep at Night?” You may not be familiar with Teezo just yet, but after you listen to this album, you’ll never forget him.

Teezo’s genre-bending album creates a balance between rap and punk, which fits the vibe of his very out-there character. While a lot of newer artists stick to one sound, Teezo does the opposite. Teezo uses different sounds from various genres, such as R&B, punk, and Texas rap, to curate his own personal sound, and this album showcased this talent.

This is one of my favorite albums to come out in the past year; I’ve been anticipating it for quite some time now. Teezo has been on my radar since I discovered him as a feature on Tyler, the Creator’s “RUNITUP.” When I heard this, I instantly became a fan, despite his discography being only a couple of singles. 

With this being Teezo’s first album, it has surpassed my expectations. My favorite tracks are “Impossible,” “Mood Swings,” “Too Easy” and “Daddy Mama Drama.”

Teezo is proving his doubters wrong with the general success of the albums’s release. In “Impossible,” Teezo taunts those doubters with lyrics such as “Maybe you wanted to be a rockstar but somebody told you, you was too old.” At 30, people probably told him it was too late and that becoming a rock star would be impossible, which he proves is not the case. Later in the album on the track “Familiarity,” he expresses how he knows he’s a star, but people weren’t “looking up.”

The closing track, “The Original was Better ” felt like the perfect way to end the album; it almost feels like Teezo is closing this chapter as if the album were a movie. Overall, Teezo’s debut album was a massive hit with me and I can only hope that he keeps up this momentum.

The album has been received fairly well, although there have been mixed reactions, such as Pitchfork’s rating of 5.3 out of 10. Personally, this album feels like a massive success for Teezo Touchdown and I’m excited to see how far this takes his career. 

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