How ‘Bottoms’ rose to the top

By Nicholas Zuniga

The 2023 film, “Bottoms,” is the perfect concoction of comedy, romance, and action. Directed by Emma Seligman, this satirical film swung big and hit hard. From production companies Orion Pictures and Brownstone Productions, “Bottoms” shares producers with movies such as “Pitch Perfect” and “Cocaine Bear.”

The theater was full of laughter throughout most of the film and had me cackling up until the explosive ending. Plus, this movie clocked in at one hour and 22 minutes! Compared to the nearly three-hour films that have occupied cinemas recently, this was a nice breath of fresh air. With a 95% Tomatometer score, and a 97% audience score (as of Sept. 1), it is safe to say that Seligman nailed it. 

For me, this film is a five out of five. It took tropes that have been seen before, and turned them on their heads while incorporating modern comedy and culture. One thing that differentiates this film from others in the same genre is the film’s focus on lesbian romance, something we don’t see too often in film. The incorporation of songs like “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler and “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne also added to my enjoyment of this film. Culminating with a bloody, yet comical, fight scene on the football field, my eyes were glued to the screen the whole time. 

This story is full of complex and over-the-top personalities; some faces who portrayed these characters were recognizable from other screen appearances. 

Rachel Sennott, who was featured in the 2022 film “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” played the character PJ and also served as a writer in this film. PJ’s best friend, Josie, was played by Ayo Edebiri; Edebiri has been in several television shows like “The Bear” and “Abbott Elementary.” The crazed underdog of this story, Hazel, was played by Ruby Cruz, who acted in Disney Plus’ show “Willow.” 

Also, Jeff! Jeff is a football superstar played by Nicholas Galitzine, known for his role in the recent hit film “Red, White, and Royal Blue.” Wrapping up this list, former pro football player, Marshawn Lynch. Lynch plays the oversharing and laid back history teacher known as Mr. G, who adds yet another layer of comedy to the script.

One way I look at this film: it’s the queer younger sister of “Mean Girls” and “Fight Club.”

While it is a deeply comedic and outrageous film, writers were able to incorporate topics that are taboo but relevant to today’s culture. Topics of bullying, sexual assault, and school violence were all incorporated; some may consider it insensitive, but others may see it as a pessimistic mean of deriving laughter from the saddest parts of our society. 

You had to be there.

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