CSU set to vote on increasing tuition costs

The California State University (CSU) system has proposed a tuition increase in order to close funding gaps. According to California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) President Vanya Quiñones, “there is a significant gap of funding between tuition and funding from the state that impacts services that we give to students.” 

This increase will immediately impact those who pay out of pocket. Tuition may increase by 6% annually and would cost an extra $342 in the first year.

Illustration by Zoe Kapp

Associated Students (AS) organizations across the CSU system have expressed their skepticism about the tuition increase. “I think it’s important that [the CSU Board of Trustees] assess what’s important at this moment in time. Is it to pay people who are already making a lot of money, more money?” said Katie Scariot, AS president at CSUMB.

Scariot has proposed that if a tuition increase is confirmed, it would be more manageable for students if it were instituted annually over a span of two years instead of five. “What the CSU Chancellor’s Office expressed to us was that they’re currently running at a deficit. What that means is that they are not bringing in enough money, especially because enrollment is down right now. So they’re not able to keep up with the price of things today.”

Scariot will attend the CSU Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach on Sept. 12 where the proposal is being presented for approval by the full board.

“[CSU AS] noticed that the Chancellor’s Office told an outgoing board of members about the tuition increase, which includes previous AS presidents and representatives,” Scariot said. “How were [they] expecting them to relay that information to this new board in that transitional period, with many of [the previous board] graduating? The Chancellor’s Office is very keen on thinking that they’re being transparent with us all, and frankly I don’t agree with that. I’ve made that very clear in my stance when I’ve spoken with them.”

Scariot encourages students to express their thoughts on the matter on the CSU website, and “comments will be collected and summarized for the board of trustees meeting in September 2023.”

Should students wish to speak at the meeting in front of the Board of Trustees, they can find the sign up information on the AS Instagram page.

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