Karaoke: Otters take the stage

By Chris Hamilton

Echoes of all-time favorite songs like “Yellow” by Coldplay and “Daughters” by John Mayer emanated from the Otter Student Union (OSU) on Sept. 5 at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB). This could mean only one thing: the Inter-Club Council’s (ICC) popular “Karaoke with the Clubs” was underway. 

A welcoming crowd filled the seats in The Rookery as participants signed up to perform some of their favorite songs. 

Person singing with a microphone. TV screen with lyrics behind them to the right.

Some attendees came prepared to perform with costumes and well-practiced songs, while others were there simply to relax and enjoy the show after a day of schoolwork. What followed was a night filled with entertainment and community for students. 

For the students brave enough to sing their hearts out on stage, an enthusiastic audience awaited. After every performance, applause and encouragement followed; it was clear the night’s theme was support and camaraderie. 

“Events like this offer students an opportunity to bond, create memories, and meet new people…People really love to sing,” said Lexi Yokomizo, a fourth-year student and ICC secretary. Her advice for success: “Just sing any Disney song – people will definitely sing along!”

Performances ranged from beautiful ballets to choreographed group performances, to karaoke newcomers giving it their all. In between acts, students mingled and introduced themselves to each other, fostering new connections and friendships.

Person wearing a hat singing into a microphone. TV screen with lyrics behind them to the left.

As the night passed and performers checked their names off the sign-up sheet, the question loomed: who’s next? While attendees deliberated over stepping on stage, nerves and hesitation were quickly dismissed by warm encouragement from fellow participants.

“Karaoke nights are always fun…something like this gives me the opportunity to invite my friends and do something different,” said Allison Berry, a third-year student, as she considered signing up to perform.

Third-year Micah Rodriguez noted how at the beginning of a semester, events like karaoke nights “are a good way to deal with stress.” Remarking on his own performances, Rodriguez offered some advice to the hesitant: “[You’re] only going to be here for four years…no one’s gonna remember who you are…get up, get out there, do something, be yourself, don’t care too much”.

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