May the 4th be with you!

This year, California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) celebrated May the 4th in out-of-this-world fashion. Fans of the “Star Wars” franchise and casual observers making their way through the galaxy, got a chance to participate in a day dedicated to the property beloved by many.

Otter Thursdays, CSUMB’s newest tradition, brought out students and staff from all corners of the galaxy to convene in the Otter Student Union main quad for “Star Wars” theme face paint and root beer floats, accompanied by the iconic scores from the franchise.

Along with the festivities, the 501st Legion, an international “Star Wars” collective made up of fans dedicated to wearing accurate on-screen replicas of the property’s most villainous characters, joined in on the fun with appearances from a Jawa, a Gamorrean Guard and an Imperial Officer.

The presence was felt throughout the event and they were willing to take photos with attendees, along with a couple of squeals from the Gamorrean Guard, one or two “Utinni’s” yelled by the Jawa, backed by the stern looks of the Imperial Officer.

After the event, the Saber Coalition, CSUMB’s premier lightsaber club, continued the festivities by hosting one of their meetings in which fans of the property gathered to express their “Star Wars” hot-takes while engaging in thrilling yet safe lightsaber-choreographed duels.

Lifetime “Star Wars” fan Connor Blackwell participated in both May the 4th events and was not only ecstatic about the university deciding to celebrate the day but happy he got to celebrate it with fans like him.

“Star Wars has been my entire personality ever since I was a little kid. When I first watched ‘A New Hope,’ I was hooked from that point on and I never stopped,” said Blackwell. “The Star Wars community is a great community, where we all are equally obsessed with this world that we all love to talk about and I am here for it!”

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