“Scream VI” doesn’t compare to previous movies

In the horror/slasher film “Scream VI,” there are a lot of twists and turns that make this suspenseful movie addicting as the characters go through ups and downs to figure out who the killer is. 

Building off of the older movies in the “Scream” series, Tara (played by Jenna Ortega) and Sam Carpenter (played by Melissa Barerra) have left their cursed small town in Woodsboro and now live in New York CIty with a new group of friends – or possible killers. 

Once a concealed figure begins killing individuals, the characters look at each other and start breaking down the rules to survive a frightful motion picture. 

With Sam’s backstory being the most unique than the heroes from before due to her family attachment from the earliers movies, Barrera does vibrantly brooding work playing a tormented conceivable antihero. 

Billy Loomis (played by Skeet Ulrich), the killer from the first movie, also returns in a unique way.

“Scream” has continuously been as much of a whodunit as a slasher movie, so more characters give openings for confusion, but the issue here isn’t an overabundance of individuals. 

Making sequels can be challenging, especially when you no longer have some of the original characters. Neve Campbell’s character Sidney is referred to multiple times in “Scream VI,” but never makes an appearance. It’s almost like the producers were trying to bait her back for more movies in the series.

This is often the curse of establishment filmmaking. Like Mindy (played by Jasmin Savoy Brown), the horror-movie-loving character who delivers her monologue like she did in the previous film to build up the rules to stay alive and how the killers are always after the original character. 

Self-awareness will not balance out credibility, pacing issues or make your movie scarier. 

This would recommend that the producers lighten up and disregard the die-hard frightfulness geeks inside and out. 

There are a handful of really terrifying, recurring tension scenes, counting one interior metro car amid Halloween that’s filled with individuals in costumes, including different Ghostfaces.

This was overall a good film plot-wise, but compared to the others it could be seen as a let down. However it always had you thinking about what was going to happen next and the killers were unexpected, creating a jaw dropping moment.

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