Chapter 4 delivers an action-packed adventure to John Wick series

Nothing in life is certain except for death, taxes and John Wick’s rampage on those who dare to cross him.

Following the events of “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum,” Wick now finds himself continuing to fight against the High Table, the franchise’s all-powerful nefarious global organization, eliminating hoards of their assassins, this time, spanning the world.

Keanu Reeves returns for the final time to the John Wick franchise in “John Wick: Chapter 4,”  an action-filled love letter to the art of stunt work.  

Reeves’ portrayal of the deadly yet soft-spoken hitman shines through as he continues to eliminate hordes of enemies, all beautifully choreographed with vicious grace and style. 

This is partly thanks to director Chad Stahelski, who once again continues to bring his renowned action and stunt work expertise, elevating the franchise’s new installment to greater and bolder heights.

For fans of eastern martial arts and action movies, the film introduces legendary martial artist actors Hiroyuki Sanada from “Ninja in the Dragon’s Den” and Donnie Yen from the “Ip Man” film series, who give the already spectacular action-packed film an even more reputable foot to stand on.

With the film being in its fourth installment, the series continues to outperform itself movie after movie, with this film combining the best qualities of thrilling action, incredible stunt work and stunning cinematography, with a simple, yet effective story from the franchise all into one.

If realism in your action movies is what you are expecting, unfortunately, look away as you won’t be satisfied. 

Throughout the film, there are several moments where Wick appears to have infinite ammo as he tears through foes without reloading his weapons, along with instances where Wick should have been seriously injured and even killed.

However, if realism is of no concern to you in your action movies, you will surely feast on what can only be described as almost three hours of nonstop action that defies all logic and reasoning. 

“John Wick: Chapter 4” is an overall breath of fresh air for the action genre as it is a delightful addition to the already definitive action film series, cementing it as potentially one and if not, the best action film series of all time.

If you are not willing or available to watch the first three films of the installment before you watch this new film; fear not, as there are multiple short videos recapping all three available on YouTube.

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