Top five Valentine’s Day movies

Valentine’s Day always seems like a day where you have to go out, but you can just stay in and relax. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day with yourself or even with a significant other, staying in and watching movies is a perfect idea. Whether it’s your self-care and you need something to watch while enjoying your favorite savory snacks like chocolate-covered strawberries or any sweets. Here’s a list of great movies for this specific mood. 

1. Valentine’s Day

Like its title says, this movie is based on Valentine’s Day. It goes into detail about a series of interconnected couples and the highs and lows of wanting/finding love on this day as this holiday unfolds the nightmares of long-term commitment, first dates, young crushes and old flames looking to rekindle. This movie is currently available on HBO Max. 

2. 10 Things I Hate About You

This film explores sisterhood, high school flings and strict parenting. When Bianca, the younger sister of Kat, gets hit on by the coolest guy in school and wants to date him, her dad gives her an ultimatum saying when Kat dates someone, then Bianca can. There’s just one problem: Kat hates the entire male species until Patrick Verona comes into the picture. Will Kat let her walls down for him? In this late 1990’s film, there’s a perfect mix of romance and comedy. “10 Things I Hate About You” is now available on Disney+. 

3. The Notebook

In this heartbreaking Nicholas Sparks love story, two people who are destined for each other meet in the 1940s. This movie ties in the struggles and hardships of loving someone so much that it nearly kills you. In Ally and Noah’s love story, you’ll understand the true meaning of soulmates. Be sure to bring your tissues to watch “The Notebook” on HBO Max.  

4. Crazy Rich Asians

“Crazy Rich Asians” is a perfect mix of romance and comedic relief when Rachel Chu couldn’t be more than happy to accompany her boyfriend, Nick, to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. She’s shocked to learn that Nick’s family is one of the richest ones there, with Rachel feeling out of place will their love make it. “Crazy Rich Asians” is now available on HBO Max. 

5. Always Be My Maybe

When childhood sweethearts have a falling out and haven’t spoken for 15 years, they then come to reconnect as adults. Marcus and Sasha run into each other in San Francisco. There’s still chemistry between the two, but they come from different worlds. Will the two be able to see past that? This rom-com got excellent ratings and is a movie to watch for a good laugh. “Always be my Maybe” is available on Netflix.

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