Swifties at CSUMB meet for the first time

The Swifties at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) officially met last Friday for the first time to introduce their board and play various games. They encouraged fellow Taylor Swift fans on campus to join, have a good time and connect with people who share their interests. 

The Swifties make sure anyone on campus who likes or loves Taylor Swift has a space to come together, listen and have a good time. Members will be able to connect through “album listening sessions, themed meetings and networking opportunities,”  said fourth-year club president Katie Scariot.

Around ten members showed up and played an icebreaker game during the meeting, getting into groups by categories with silent communication. The types included favorite albums, the year they became Swifties and favorite colors. Board members took time to go over plans for future meetings and are looking forward to a Taylor Swift-themed Karaoke night in the Rookery on the third floor of the Otter Student Union on Feb. 28. 

Scariot explained “the purpose of the club is to make sure people feel safe and accepted.” 

Fourth-year Julie Ramirez helped Scariot found the club. “I love being involved on campus, so I wanted to branch out and create an inclusive environment for students, whether they’re Taylor Swift fans or not.” 

The executive board of the club urges members to form connections and create communities with each other and think about joining the board once the current members graduate.

“I’m so excited because I want to be part of a community where we spend our free time listening to someone who cares so much and puts so much detail into her music for us,” said Damaris Ispache, a third-year transfer student. 

The board has created content across several social media sites, such as Instagram and TikTok. On their TikTok account, the Swifties are recreating music videos to “inspire and unite Swifties through the CSUMB campus” and reach more students who may have been too shy to attend the first meeting.

It was also announced that a special event is in the works – a Swiftie dance party. The board also asked members how the funding from Associated Students should be spent to develop the club, so Swifties are looking forward to potential perks and merch. 

“We want to build a legacy, “ exclaimed Ramirez. “We want students to be passionate about their involvement on campus, and we feel like this is a really good outlet to do that.”

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