Create with Each Otter

With fun, creative ways to display that you care about others, California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) Personal Growth and Counseling Center co-hosted different events to help show random acts of kindness. 

One of them included a create with each “otter” event located in the Makerspace, where people could make beaded lizards, otters and more. Create fun bracelets, keychains and buttons to gift to yourself or give away as an act of kindness.

“The random acts of kindness week are something that’s new for us this year, and it’s a result of us just wanting students not only to take a minute to be kind to others but be kind to themselves,” said CSUMB Health Promotion and Prevention Manager, Gary Rodriguez.

The students were invited to different events to spread positivity and use the outlet given to them. 

“Part of the event is a collaboration, and our goal in the Makerspace is always to provide some kind of engagement or student center success activities and something fun for the students to do, and I thought it would be a fun activity,” said Rachell Hester, a Makerspace coordinator.   

Hester tries to create a safe environment for students to come to de-stress, along with finding a comfortable place just to be themselves and be open. 

“I feel like if more people knew about it, more people would be there, but these events really help bring out your creativity like with one event, I didn’t even know I was into button making until that event,” said third-year Haley Bartlett.

Participants could make things for the event or also make their own creations. 

“I like that there are events and I like how they give you the option to de-stress and I think they’re accommodating and that they should do more of them,” said first-year Flynn Mccartney. 

Individuals are on site to help participants with step-by-step instructions.  

The Makerspace is a free resource and is located on the third floor of the library, room 3125. The organization also provides all of the materials for free. 

“You can come up to any of our student assistants,” Hester said. “You should come to the Makerspace because every person who comes through the door shows that it is a valuable program. I want that to continue.”

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