Career and Internship Fair

Students learn about prospective job opportunities after graduation

Students, faculty and recruiters met to network and make connections in the California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) University Center for the Spring 2023 Career and Internship Fair. Sixty-five different companies and organizations sent representatives to find interns that suit their needs while career development staff members offered students guidance. 

Positions available are on campus, off campus, or remote. Students had a variety of fields to choose from, such as hospitality, human resources and behavioral services. The Career Development Office hosts four career-oriented events each year and one of the perks of attending the Career/Internship Fair was free professional headshots for resumes and cover letters.  

Carly Bertken, a third-year sociology major was pleased to find organizations related to her major hiring. By speaking with recruiters, she learned that “the title of your major isn’t always as important as the position you’re doing. You never know until you try and you might be a lot more qualified than you think.”

According to Career Specialist and CSUMB alumna Teresa Martinez, when choosing who will appear at the Career Fair, “we open it to anyone. Most of the time we like to recruit in the local area for students, but if there’s someone you want to work with let us know and we’re happy to reach out to them.” 

She advised that students step out of their comfort zones because “there’s so many opportunities out there and employers are looking for basic skills. Even bring your resume to get your name out there because recruiters will remember you.”

Recruiter for Capital Insurance Group (CIG) and CSUMB alumna Stevie Winkler started as an intern and worked her way up in the company. She looks to recruit students for software development and finance internships and while prior experience in those fields is beneficial, she encourages everyone to apply because the positions are entry level. Winkler advised not to sell yourself short when submitting applications.

“Sometimes little things make a difference,” Winkler said. “If you have an interest outside of school or volunteer somewhere those things make you stand out.” 

Frederico Rubino, another CIG representative and CSUMB alumnus said that soft skills and teamwork are crucial so they often ask applicants about group projects they’ve worked on. 

The university police attended the career fair to fill student positions which can lead to recruitment at the police academy. Because of the high demand for police officers, these positions have benefits and incentives. 

“We give them the opportunity to get into other positions and take two classes for free each semester while working for the university,” said Sergeant Stacy Russo.

 Students can work as community service officers to gain experience in law enforcement while earning their degrees. 

“Every day a police officer’s job is different and you’re out interacting with the community,” Russo continued. “We’re looking for someone who can communicate, has a clean record and is ready to do new things every day.”

The Career and Internship Fair is a convenient way to network and explore opportunities available and internships are a great way to build skills and diversify your resume. If you would like to explore career options further, the Career Development Center offers resources such as appointments with advisors to optimize your resume or help you get a glowing letter of recommendation.

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