Local Brews: Fieldwork a Monterey find

Story and photos by Dee Davila

The cool and mild weather that envelops the Monterey coast is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a nice cold beer and what better place to enjoy a cold one than Fieldwork Brewing in Monterey. 

Fieldwork Brewing is a brewing company out of Berkeley that was founded in 2014. Today, Fieldwork produces a wide array of beers in many different styles serving them throughout California, including Monterey.

The Monterey location is cozy and homey with a lovely rustic aesthetic that reminds one of California’s history with the Redwoods. The outside seating is perfect for experiencing the blissful combination of a nice IPA or sour along with the California Coast’s weather. 

If Fieldwork is your destination, I recommend you try Rice & Easy, a Japanese-style lager that combines the lightness of a lager with the subtle floral notes of typical Japanese lagers. It’s a beer that is easy to enjoy and what those of us in the beer world define as “crushable.”

For those looking for something that carries a bit more weight and character, they also serve a wide array of IPAs. One of my favorites is Tiger Uppercut, a beer that pays homage to Street Fighter’s Sagat. It is a three-hop blend that intends to bring out most of the IPA’s hoppiness and bitterness while still providing some balance with its sweet and juicy notes of tangerine and general fruit. 

For those who enjoy a fruity beer, there’s always an excellent selection of sours. I prefer the Aloha Vibes, a kettle sour ale that combines passionfruit and hibiscus with fruits to give consumers a sweet yet tart and refreshing experience. The tropical notes quickly bring one to Hawaiian costs without having to spend a fortune on a plane ticket. 

Fieldwork has a brew for everyone to enjoy regardless of what you get. They are located at 560 Munras Ave. in Monterey. At the center of such a vibrant part of Monterey’s beautiful downtown area, Fieldwork is the perfect escape to catch fresh California beer before finding yourself in one of Monterey’s many restaurants surrounding the brewpub.

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