CSUMB employee shines bright at Monte’s Music

On Friday, Dec 2, Otter Media and the Otter Student Union presented another “Otter Spotlight” edition of Monte’s Music. Monte’s Music features a live artist interview and performance. 

This time, Otter Media showcased a California State University Monterey Bay staff member, Abe Guzman. Guzman works on campus as a dishwasher for Otter Kitchens but is a talented musician behind the scenes. Performing at bars and other venues, Guzman plays both covers of songs and his original work. 

He creates and plays music on guitar, dubbed Cherry and mixes his own beats. He has been playing guitar since 2008 and credits his inspiration to the first time he had ever seen a guitar. 

“I was like 8 and my brother was living in a college dorm. When I went to visit, I was like, ‘How do you use this thing?’” Guzman recounted. “ I tried to play it against the wall because I didn’t even know you were supposed to hold it. I didn’t even have an affinity for instruments, but I have always tried to keep playing guitar ever since then.”

As a guitarist, Guzman is most inspired to play rock music similar to Foo Fighters and Nirvana. In the beats he mixes, Guzman showcases his versatility and passion for hip-hop music. 

During the event, Guzman first performed covers of mixes that combined rock songs and Bob Marley on his guitar, accompanied by his pleasant vocals, before playing a couple of his mixed beats.

In the songs performed during the showcase, Guzman’s work exceeded expectations. His guitar work and vocals were rhythmic and warm, while his beats created a vibey and feel-good atmosphere.
Any other students who would be interested in being in the “Otter Spotlight” are encouraged to apply at https://csumb.edu/osu/montes-music/

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