Classic game shows get CSUMB spin-off

Otter Media, also known as [ottermedia] or [om], is a campus department, influenced by Adult Swim and other popular media, that creates podcasts, radio shows, TV production and live events for the campus community.  

Students are invited to a live taping of Otter Media’s newest original series: Gameshow on Nov. 18 at the Otter Student Union.  

Gameshow will be a seven-episode series recording Otter-fied versions of popular television game shows. They will be recording two episodes of “Wheel of Faculty,” two episodes of “Fraternity Feud” and three episodes of “JeopOTTERty!” 

For the Jeopardy! spin-off, they will be selecting students from the crowd to participate. 

Taping times will be at 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:20 p.m. Audience members will see themselves on TV when the show releases next semester. 

During the pandemic, [ottermedia] had not been operating. They have been working to gain more traction both on-campus and in the surrounding community. 

“This project has been monumental in [ottermedia]’s recent revitalization efforts,” said Micah Stamps, [ottermedia]’s production specialist and station manager.

 The student-produced project has been in the works since August, according to Stamps.

“This will legitimize our organization in not only the campus community, but the greater Monterey area,” Stamps said. 

Gameshow has been one of the biggest projects [ottermedia] has worked on and has been a collaborative effort with other organizations. Stamps mentioned the Associated Students, Otter Student Union (OSU), the Makerspace, the Cinematic Arts and Technology (CART) department and the CART Club have all had a hand in putting together the event. 

Stamps spoke highly of the effort everyone has put into making Gameshow a reality and stressed the importance of everything being student-produced. “It’s entirely representative of what [ottermedia] advocates for,” he said.

“We’re excited to show everyone the successful culmination of student-led efforts,” said Stamps.

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