Billing blunder resolved; higher rate delayed

President Vanya Quiñones sent out an email to California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) faculty and staff on Oct. 25 announcing an update on the East Campus housing complications.

176 students had selected a new housing type, a two-person apartment where each resident would have their own room. Student Housing and Residential Life had under-billed 85 students and issued a billing correction on Oct. 3.

Quiñones again apologized for the miscommunication and announced that CSUMB would honor the single room rate for all 176 for the remainder of the Fall semester. Students who were paying a higher housing fee will receive a credit of the balance where applicable, and all affected students will spend the reduced rate.

For the upcoming Spring semester, all 176 students will receive emails from Housing with new options. Rent for the two-person apartment option will be summarized in an email from Housing and if the student does not reply to the email, they will be charged at the communicated price. Alternatively, the students may also choose to switch to a three-person apartment for the Spring.

Quiñones also stated in her email that Housing will be handling everyone’s situation on a case-by-case basis and make adjustments to the resolutions in personalized communications.

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