Students paint pumpkins in Pinnacles

Story by Helene Kristensen

In the midst of midterm week on Oct. 12, North Quad resident advisor (RA) Lucia Pineda hosted a pumpkin painting event for Pinnacles residents to de-stress.

Pineda is the first floor RA in the Pinnacles building located at California State University Monterey Bay’s (CSUMB) North Quad housing area. 

“I like to do events where residents can be creative, but also take something with them at the end,” Pineda said.

Week eight marks the halfway of the semester and for many students it is a stressful time with midterms. Therefore, Pineda wanted to do something for Pinnacles residents. 

“We always plan for a specific amount of people,” she said. “Today we have 25 real pumpkins that can be painted on, but we post the flyer by the elevator on every floor so everyone is welcomed.”

Right as the event started there was a buzz of people scanning the box looking at the color selection offered and planning their pumpkin design. Only after a few minutes people were scattered all over the lobby, and half of the pumpkins had been claimed.

“I like events like this and it gives a break from the stress of the midterm and it is fun to come out and do this painting,” said Michaela Rantz, a senior set to graduate this spring.

The theme of pumpkin painting was spot on for the students. 

“Halloween is a fun holiday themed activity. I like these types of activities and I would like to see similar (ones) in the future,” Rantz said. “Previously they have arranged the tote bag decoration and succulent planting. It’s all about creativity and versatility. I really like the difference.” 

Other students agreed that the event was a good break during the week. 

“I really enjoy it. It is nice to relax, especially since it’s midterm, and it’s a break in a stressful week,” said third-year Kathryn Shepherd. “I like to paint and the Halloween theme is really fitting with the season. I would love to see events like this in the future. I believe it’s important to create events for the community so that people can come together.” 

Despite the event only lasting for an hour, students kept on coming, and Pineda was quick to come up with a solution after they had run out of pumpkins. Students were given paper plates to decorate and bring with them.

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