Slime Rancher 2 is beautiful and familiar

The highly anticipated sequel to Monomi Park’s  “Slime Rancher” was released in early access for Windows computers and XBox Series X and S on Sept. 22. 

In “Slime Rancher 2,” players continue to follow the adventures of slime-rancher Beatrix LeBeau as she journeys to and discovers the mysteries of Rainbow Island.

At the core, the “Slime Rancher” franchise is a captivating sandbox farming simulator that prompts players to collect colorful slimes, grow crops, harvest resources and explore the intricacies of the available areas.

Old fans can expect to be reunited with the same familiar, lovable aspects of “Slime Rancher” in “Slime Rancher 2.”

“The initial release of Slime Rancher 2 aims to recreate much of what you loved about the original, in a new world with some nice improvements to the feel and formula,” stated developers Monomi Park.

“Slime Rancher 2” presents a beautiful new game to explore with stunning graphics and areas, new technologies, cute new slimes and captivating lore to uncover for old and new fans alike.

Screenshot by Maxwelle Tartaglia

What sets the “Slime Rancher” franchise apart from other farming sims is its expansive exploration aspect. 

“Slime Rancher 2” is not just a farming sim, but an adventure game as well. 

To progress, players are expected to venture into the world of Rainbow Island to collect resources for their ranch. 

The world-building done by Monomi Park is seriously impressive. With detailed landscapes full of hidden secrets and pathways, players can expect to spend hours exploring and ogling the many areas. 

The game is the perfect solo experience for players who appreciate a comfy ambiance and freedom in their games. 

The lore, scattered in the form of old archived messages found throughout Rainbow Island, combined with the open world, soundtrack and beautiful graphics create an atmosphere hovering between somber and tranquil.

Screenshot by Maxwelle Tartaglia

So far, with the exception of the new world to explore and new slimes to wrangle, “Slime Rancher 2” offers much of the same as the original “Slime Rancher.”

However, Monomi Park states future updates will entail features that have not yet been implemented. 

Monomi Park has yet to drop the official release date for the full game, but have stated that multiple free updates will be released before “Slime Rancher 2” leaves early access.

Features that have been confirmed to be added to the full release of the game are Achievements and Automation drones, which were a beloved feature available in the first “Slime Rancher,” and more lore to complete the underlying story of “Slime Rancher 2.” 

The full release of the game and following the updates will bring new areas to explore, new slimes to farm, resources to collect and gadgets to build.

Overall, “Slime Rancher 2” is a gorgeous game that offers the same addictive gameplay as the first, but with new content and better quality.

Screenshot by Maxwelle Tartaglia

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