Local Eats: Marina’s El Salvadoreno Pupuseria gets it right

Story and photos by Dee Davila

There is nothing quite like delicious and affordable local food. Additionally, as students, finding local eateries that can satisfy the hunger that is born from tirelessly typing away during exam preparations is a blessing. 

El Salvadoreno Pupseria is located in a quiet, unassuming strip mall on Del Monte Boulevard . in Marina and is both affordable and delicious. 

Despite appearances, the interior can’t help but draw one in with its vibrant colors and a scent that can only remind one of a Salvadoran mother’s home as she cooks for her family. 

Service was prompt and even nearing closing, one of the owners, Lorena Salmeron, was still present, taking orders from the register. Behind her a menu illuminated their offerings with many classical Salvadoran dishes, including the famous pupusas.

For the uninitiated, pupusas are a Salvadoran corn-based griddle cake that is usually stuffed with an array of ingredients and the national food of El Salvador. 

The pupusa offerings include cheese, beans and the popular revuelto, or mixed, pupusas. They were served with a side of zesty and tangy coleslaw and hot sauce, which completed the meal. 

The best part about these hearty pupusas was that each one was only $3.50, perfect for any student who is rolling on a budget.

Along with the pupusas, the restaurant also offers other authentic delicacies such as fried plantains and fried cassava or yuca fritta, which come with high recommendations.  

The cheese pupusa is a definite winner here and full of flavor. With every bite, the cheese was melted and perfectly paired with the coleslaw topping on the pupusa to deliver mouthwatering bites that tingle the insides of one’s cheeks and tongue. 

As for the revuelta pupusa, the mixture of pork, beans and cheese delivers a luscious and velvety mouthfeel with rich flavors that satisfy any carnivor craving for something new. 

Owners Lorena Salmeron and Camilo Rodriguez really demonstrated that they understand that great taste does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

 El Salvadoreno Pupuseria is clearly a hidden gem in Marina and anyone with a $10 bill in their pocket can come through their doors and enjoy what they have to offer. 

They can be found at 2056 Del Monte Blvd in Marina and are a definite must-go for any student looking for an affordable and delicious slice of El Salvador.

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