Celebrating National Transfer Student Week

Students who have had rough transfers and an overall hard time at California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) were given a chance to destress through multiple events and workshops hosted by the Transfer Student Success Center (TSSC) the week of Oct. 17-21.  

The aim was for students to have fun and learn new things, which could help bring them out of their comfort zones and grow as individuals, according to third-year student and TSSC member Jasmine Valdez. 

One of the events included the Halloween Trivia Kahoot Mixer, which was hosted over Zoom, where students could win a $10 gift card to Starbucks and test their knowledge of both Halloween and Disney movies. 

“These events were for the transfer students and students who have a complex, complicated transfer. Sometimes you don’t know about the resources available or who to talk to, and this week we were letting everyone know where we are/who we are,” said Valdez, the host of the Kahoot event. 

Another workshop they hosted was called “Get Your Finances in Check!” Attendees received some general financial aid information and learned about the Biden forgiveness program and funding opportunities for students via the CSUMB scholarship site. 

Not only were these events to promote the TSSC, but they were also to provide information to transfer students and help them know all they need to know about the campus.

“I feel like it has been helping because we now have an official location for our center, that is in Forest Hall, which is in building 49, this is near parking lot 59 and we can meet up and actually plan more events; this was with the help of students,” said Valdez. 

There are many ways in which this program can benefit students and help bring them out of their shells to meet new people and participate within the campus community. 

“We just want students to know everyone’s welcome,” Valdez said. “We’re friendly; we give people resources and provide mentorships. We help people with the transition because sometimes it’s hard with classes, and sometimes you don’t have a friend, so we’ll help with that.” 

Another event hosted was Flower Power, held in Forest Hall, where students were invited to paint a plant pot, pick out a plant, talk about them and get a free lunch.

This is a way for students to get more involved and have their own community within the campus. It can help students make connections that can stick with them in the future, which the TSSC wants to make known through these events. 

Students can head to MyRaft for weekly events and experience some campus fun or check out the TSSC at building 49.

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