5 easy DIY costume ideas

With Halloween night just around the corner, finding easily affordable costumes for college students can take a lot of work. Although it can be challenging for some people to be creative, anyone can dive into the do-it-yourself (DIY) experience. Some popular costumes consist of vampires, princesses or villains, but this can be repetitive and not everyone likes to repeat looks. Also with school, you may be too busy and it may seem like time is running out for you to get a costume, which is when a quick DIY option can come in handy. 

The first thing that comes to making a costume is finding something you can assemble at your house. There are so many things you’ll be able to find in your closet that may surprise you, but you can turn into a good costume. If you can’t find anything at home, there are also cheap options to create, from cardboard robots and condiments (ketchup, mustard and even sriracha) to lumberjacks. If you need more options, look through the different ideas and try them out for Halloween! 

#1 Citrus Slice Costume: No one would expect a citrus treat to be walking at a Halloween party. This fun, creative costume only requires a few materials you can find at the link below.


#2 Lumberjacks Costume: You could create this concept without problems and clothes out of your closet. Don’t forget about the suspenders and pretend axes! 


#3 Flapper Costume: The iconic flappers of the 1920s can easily be portrayed by using pearl beads, patterned stockings and an old-fashioned dress. 


 #4 Queen of Hearts: Pair this custom choker with your favorite red dress and red lipstick for an easy “Alice in Wonderland” inspired costume.For the collar, wrap a large piece of paper around your neck and cut it to size, then staple one deck of cards around the paper collar, stack them and fan them out.

#5 Goose and Maverick (Top Gun): You and your movie buddies can experience the big screen from all angles as soon as you put on these fighter pilot costumes. Just like Tom Cruise or Anthony Edwards!

Shop Maverick Flight Costume with the link below: 


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