Letter from the editor

Dear Otters,

Welcome, or welcome back! My name is Arie Nalbach, and I am happy to be returning to my role as the editor-in-chief of The Lutrinae for volume 6. 

I am a fourth-year communication design major with a concentration in visual design and will be graduating in the spring. I have been fortunate to work with The Lutrinae since my first year at California State University, Monterey Bay.

Throughout my time at The Lutrinae, I have worked with many unique and dedicated individuals. I am excited for what this year’s staff has in store for the paper. 

I wanted to dedicate this time to our faculty advisor Sara Gobets and her family. Sara passed away over the summer, and The Lutrinae will not be the same without her. We were lucky to have her as our faculty advisor. I am grateful to have gotten to work with her over the past three years, and I hope I can embrace everything I have learned from her to the fullest. 

I would also like to thank Dave Kellogg for stepping into the advisor role for us during this difficult time. I am looking forward to learning from him, and I think he will be an excellent advisor for myself and the rest of The Lutrinae team.

I am incredibly proud of The Lutrinae team for persevering through this and wanting to continue publishing the best possible newspaper we can. I am so lucky to have such a fantastic group of people working with me. 

To all of our readers, thank you for your continued support of The Lutrinae. I wish you all a safe and successful school year and hope you enjoy volume 6 of The Lutrinae.


Arianna Nalbach

Editor-in-Chief of The Lutrinae

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