Students learn lesson planning

On the afternoon of Friday, March 25, California State University, Monterey Bay held an event via Zoom to explore how to create a lesson plan for future teachers and anyone else interested.

The event started with co-host Erin Ramirez introducing herself and then putting individuals into breakout rooms to introduce themselves to each other and go over “what [they] know, what [they] want to know, and what [they’ve] learned” about lesson planning.

After the breakout rooms, students went back to the main Zoom session, and Ramirez started to discuss her PowerPoint, where she had a more profound presentation on lesson planning and how to do it effectively.

She explained, a good lesson plan starts with motivation, which will lead you to set the stage. “The motivation activities will provide a necessary plan toward a basic understanding of the content/skills involved in the lesson plan,” said Ramirez.

While presenting, Ramirez also did things to get everyone involved in the discussion – like asking questions and having the students answer them in the chat.

An example of this was the question of “what makes a good lesson?” Some of the attendees’ answers included making it hands-on and engaging, providing solid information, and allowing the educator to see what’s next.

Ramirez explained there are five components to a lesson plan; these consist of your profile, objectives, materials/equipment, procedure, and assessment.

This workshop was hopefully a great way to learn some new tips on creating a great lesson plan and overall help future teachers in their careers.

Ramirez hoped to open students’s eyes and help them learn there will always be steps to success, and in learning how to do something, the more you look into it, the more you’ll know.

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