Otter donate blood to the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross had a blood drive located in the old Student Union at California State University of Monterey Bay (CSUMB) led by Gary Rodruguez on Wednesday, April 13. Individuals could visit the old Student Union to donate their blood. 

Third-year Associated Students College of Science Senator Peyton Huck was helping host the event. Huck said the desired outcome of this event is “to bring more awareness, as I last heard the American Red Cross always needs blood.” 

Students are a significant population the Red Cross looks for, due to them not needing to find parking, making it more convenient for everyone. There’s always an abundance of people coming from outside the campus, which is good, but it tends to be challenging due to parking. 

“Joanna who is my pro staff for associated students in student government, when I first started, she was the one who was like, hey they do Red Cross get involved in it, so that’s how I got into this,” Huck said.

The blood drive was a great success overall, thanks to the students and community members who came to donate blood. The American Red Cross benefits greatly from blood drive outcomes like these.

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