Interface: hidden Youtube gem

3D-modeled surrealism, existential horror, and classic art. Justin Tomchuk, a YouTube creator, known as Umami, has created a series unlike any other. Fans of “Adventure Time” or Adult Swim shows will find a home in the non-linear cosmic questions and slick visuals.

The sound design showcases original industrial music produced by Tomchuk. The art style gains confidence as the plot develops, utilizing techniques to strengthen its narrative. The relationship between the funny animation balanced with the moodiness of its soundtrack is layered refreshingly. There is a three-month wait in between the episodes, which range from three to 10 minutes, giving the creator time to develop a self-contained story within each segment.

The interface is a world diseased by static after a failed government experiment. Henryk, a man who does not age, and Mischief, a shapeshifting clown, travel across surreal dreamscapes searching for Henryk’s great-granddaughter. Greetings Robotics Corporation provides the world’s governments with a technological solution to the static, with founder Mr. Greetings developing a machine that can reason and evolve at a high cost.

The second season of Interface just started, with the most recent episode airing on April 1. In between episodes, Tomchuk releases high-quality captivating short stories about Soup, Mark Zuckerberg, and gritty McDonald’s characters.

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