The Batman takes a new spin on the classic DC vigilante

“The Batman” is a visceral reinvention of the caped crusader, bringing the popular DC comics character back to his initial roots as the world’s greatest detective.

Director Matt Reeves created the most disturbing Gotham in the franchise’s history, highlighting the deep-rooted corruption and violence that plagues the city’s law enforcement and political institutions.

Robert Pattinson plays a young and vengeful Batman that finds himself in the second year of his crime-fighting mission, trying to solve the murders and clues left by a new serial killer known as The Riddler, played by Paul Dano.

Reeves built a different Bruce Wayne, a reclusive billionaire instead of the vibrant playboy seen in previous incarnations. Batman is his true self, and Pattinson delivers a captivating performance, expressing a range of emotions with his eyes alone.

With the help of lieutenant Commissioner Gordon played by Jeffrey Wright, the Dark Knight attempts to solve a string of connected murders, creating the atmosphere of a psychological crime noir.

Zoë Kravitz brings a comic-accurate portrayal of Catwoman. Selina Kyle looks as if she leapt out of a Frank Miller graphic novel.

The film is a point-of-view-driven story spent behind the eyes of the morally conflicted vigilante. This Batman makes mistakes and grapples with substantial mental trauma.

The stand-out performance is Colin Farrell as the Penguin, stealing scenes with comedic timing and sarcasm.

Composer Michael Giacchino’s score is menacing and hopeful, creating an iconic new Batman theme.

Gotham City feels alive thanks to cinematographer Greig Fraser, and there’s attention to detail in every frame, colorful shots mixed with dark backgrounds.

For superhero fans and those that appreciate cinema, “The Batman” is an engaging adventure from start to finish.

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