Study tips for the Mercury signs

Studying is a broad practice that means different things to different people. The way we take in information depends on our personality, past academic habits, and many other factors. Astrology, specifically our Mercury signs, could also play a role in the way we learn.

The planet Mercury symbolizes communication, intellect, and thought, which means it greatly influences how we tend to process information. In fact, your Mercury sign can indicate your learning style and how to play best to your mental strengths. Much like one’s moon sign, the Mercury sign represents where the planet was located on the astrological wheel at the time of your birth. 

To find your Mercury sign, create a natal chart online (such as through using your date of birth and where you were born; don’t worry about the exact time if you don’t know it. 

An Aries Mercury is blunt, straightforward, present, decisive, and opinionated. Because you tend to rush, try to block out your studying time using timers as external limits. You don’t like to waste any time getting to the bottom of things, so highlighters and other annotation tools can help you note the most important details for when you revisit your material. 

A Taurus Mercury is thoughtful, sensual, slow, stubborn, and honest. Hands-on-learning works best for you, so incorporate visual, auditory, or tactile models to help you memorize information. Having quality study snacks that are high in protein is also essential for your food-minded brain. 

A Gemini Mercury is quick-witted, disorganized, easily bored, logical, and polarizing. To keep your busy mind interested in the task at hand, create a game out of studying, like playing Memory with flashcards. You think best through talking things out, so read aloud your material to yourself or someone else to hammer the content in.

A Cancer Mercury is reserved, moody, meditative, open-minded, and nostalgic. Lean in to your keen ability to remember what other people say by listening to someone read you your study notes or subject texts. Additionally, employ mindfulness techniques to quell your strong emotions before studying.

A Leo Mercury is domineering, charming, idealistic, expressive, and obsessed with their image. Bring your natural creativity into studying by making something artistic about your course material. Make sure not to get lost in the big picture, as you are wont to do; spell out the details in your studying.

A Virgo Mercury is detail-oriented, nervous, predictable, hard-working, and has high expectations. Staying organized will be important for you to study successfully; your mind won’t be able to focus with a messy desk. Find ways to add soothing activities to your study time, such as enjoying a hot beverage or sitting somewhere cozy, to aid your anxious nature.

A Libra Mercury is social, agreeable, easily distracted, inviting, and indecisive. Because you happen to think in comparisons, use this to your advantage when encountering unfamiliar material; paraphrasing information in your own words might help you similarly. You especially would benefit from a classmate or someone other than yourself holding you accountable for studying.

A Scorpio Mercury is dimensional, observational, negative, passionate, and strategic. Since you love to play detective, dig deep in your material to find fun facts from obscure sources and long Wikipedia articles. The intensity that you learn things can be suffocating; make sure you’re taking breaks throughout your studying.

A Sagittarius Mercury is curious, free-spirited, principled, optimistic, and non-committal. Have several tasks at hand to switch between when your mind inevitably wanders elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to get mobile with your studying either; carry flashcards or post-its on you at all times so that you can learn while on whatever adventure you next pursue.

A Capricorn Mercury is disciplined, productive, bossy, serious, and critical. Structure your study time around realistic goals that can be reached by the end of each study session, since goal-setting is your thing. To avoid burning out on your material and crashing, be sure to rest after you study.

An Aquarius Mercury is iconoclastic, aloof, friendly, esoteric, and condescending. You have a knack for technology, so using Quizlet or other studying programs could work well for you. Find a way to coexist with other people when you study, whether that be studying with an established group or just spending time at a crowded library.
A Pisces Mercury is abstract, compassionate, unpredictable, intuitive, and has their head in the clouds. Don’t be afraid to take your time while you study; your ideas will eventually become concrete as long as you give yourself the space to feel them out. Study close to bed time and try to get as much sleep as you can; you remember your dreams better than most, which you could capitalize on.

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