Rush Weeks reveals the effort of Greek Life commitment

As the second week of rush week comes to an end, so does the hard work that was put in to gain more people for their organizations.  

A lot goes into the rush week before this event happens; it is a well-thought-out process to ensure that people get involved in Greek life to find the best community for them. 

“We first have to think about the theme,” said Riley Romero, vice president of external affairs for Kappa Sigma Fraternity. “The theme is the biggest part in terms of what rush week starts off with, that’s our first step, and once we get that assigned, then we start going into the events.” 

Creating a theme for each organization helps them build their events around it and come up with cool new things to do for their interests.  

While some organizations just come up with themes, others go as far as designing different shirts to go with it to help inspire people to join. 

“I would say it’s around two months’ worth of planning,” said Laila Norwood, recruitment head for Theta Alpha Sigma Sorority. “We have to discuss potential themes, develop designs for the shirts, paint letters, and plan events. It’s difficult coming up with creative and fun events that would get everyone’s engagement.” 

Some organizations have traditional events they do every year, while others come up with new ones they think will be entertaining for potential new members. 

“For Kappa Sigma especially, we do the night of nuggets where we buy 1,000 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s and have a night where we invite all of our interests or anyone that might want to join, and they eat chicken nuggets with us that night,” said Romero. 

Along with events, the theme can be something that can relate to individuals today, which is what different organizations try to do. The inspiration towards specific themes could have to do with something popular from that year. 

“When trying to get more people interested in joining, we try to come up with themes and events that are currently popular. Cow print and cowboy hats have been extremely popular, so we thought it would be best to go with a western theme,” said Norwood. 

A lot that goes into the Rush Week is keeping in contact with potential new members and ensuring that not only they like the interests, but that the interests like them and feel comfortable with them. 

Chances are, there will be a place for you when it comes to Greek Life, seeing as there are many different organizations to choose from that will ensure you find the people you will call your brothers and sisters for life.

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