Play board games in a new way with the Board Game Relay

Students tested their strategic skills in the Game Night Board Game Relay hosted by First Year Housing in the Yarrow Hall Lobby on Feb. 17. 

The event started with a practice round as attendees learned the fundamentals of Sequence, where Connect Four meets a deck of cards, the objective being to accumulate chains of straight lines. 

For those looking to break into one of the classics, there was No Stress Chess, packaged with cards explaining the movement of each piece. 

The two-player turn-based Mancala was another available strategy game. Players must capture the most stones to secure victory, moving counterclockwise around the board. 

The acclaimed Exploding Kittens that started in 2015 also made its way to the relay. Players draw cards and try to avoid explosions, similar to the gameplay of the famous Russian Roulette. 

Other available games included the colored board game Blokus and the territory-based Go, that’s easy to learn but hard to master. The Board Game Relay was packed full of fan favorites and hidden gems from the world of strategy games.

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