Otters test survival skills in Outdoor Expo

On Wednesday, Jan. 26, California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) students gathered at the Divarty Quad to attend the Outdoor Expo and participate in outdoor-related activities. 

At the Outdoor Expo, students participated in activities aimed at showcasing equipment students can access through the Outdoor Recreation Rental Center. 

Some of the highlighted activities included a paracord survival bracelet workshop, a competitive tent-pitching race, and an outdoor equipment touch-and-feel game.

Students and outdoor supervisors compete in the tent pitching showcase. Photo by Maxwelle Tartaglia.

“Students can focus on their mental and spiritual wellbeing with Health and Wellness while also learning more about what outdoor recreational opportunities are available to them.” explained Kaci Turpin, a first-year experience specialist and former coordinator of outdoor recreation at CSUMB.

The most popular booth was the Health and Wellness booth, where students could plant and decorate their very own succulents.

“Succulents are really resilient and we’re just trying to remind people of their own resiliency. Sometimes just having some kind of physical reminder can be helpful,” said Jessica Lopez, a therapist hosting the workshop from the Personal Growth and Counseling Center at CSUMB. “You are resilient just like this succulent you are carrying. I feel like students sometimes forget that.”

The Outdoor Expo was hosted by Outdoor Recreation in collaboration with the Living Learning Programs and Health and Wellness program.

Various interactive educational activity booths were set up around the quad with take-home prizes. Students could win prizes such as shirts, sustainable beeswax food wraps, stickers, clips, and more. 

Otters should keep an eye out for the upcoming events from Outdoor Recreation this March and April.

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