Otter Kitchens participates in “Delight-Ful”

Otter Kitchens invited students to The Dining Commons (DC) at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB), to participate in the Delight-Ful challenge for Random Acts of Kindness Day on Feb. 17.

From sending letters to a troop through the A Million Thanks Foundation, to bringing items to donate for Basic Needs, the event brought a variety of opportunities for attendees to spread and share the love.

Students were eligible to win prizes by passing along compliments on social media using the Otter Kitchens hashtag.

Extra additions and features included colorful salads at The Rooted Station, a spring toast bar, and a sweet shop station where students could receive and give cookies with stickers to friends.

The challenge was another part of the Joyful Series that kicked off with the Thankful Food Festival in November 2021.

The newly launched Dining Service Committee holds virtual meetings for students to share positive feedback while suggesting changes they’d like to see.

Otter Kitchen’s Marketing Manager Alexandra Perez is excited for the future of dining on campus. “We’re taking all the feedback in,” Perez said. “Changing our process and improving the experience.”

The highly anticipated return of the Otter Express will take place next week.

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