Otter Express Returns

With Monte’s and the Otter Express (OE) closing on the campus in 2020, most students returning to campus have been missing the familiarity of their favorite hang-out spots. While the word is still out on Monte’s, The OE is reopening on Feb. 7 with exciting renovations to its menu and dining room. 

“I would say I’m pretty excited,” said Ranulfo Martinez, a fourth-year CART major with many fond memories at the restaurant. “I hadn’t been on campus in two years after being sent home for virtual learning, and one of the first things I tried to do when I moved back here was going to the OE. I was a little sad when I saw it was under construction.” His fond memories of freshmen year,”​​was more of knowing that it was the one thing that was open late and it was there for you after bombing and taking an exam or just a stressful day. It was almost like a running joke among my friends. If all else failed, at least we still had the OE!.”

Junior Business Administration Major Leila Henderson shares a similar sentiment. “I used to go there whenever me and my friends wanted to meet up after class and just hang out. I am actually super psyched that they’re reopening!‘

The change introduces Create, a fresh food station with salad, wraps, and soups. Next to it will be Wild Pie, a customizable, made-to-order flatbread pizza bar. There will also be an entire market with snacks and treats available for those rushing in between classes.

A new conference room dining area has been established to host lunch meetings, study sessions, or a little privacy when reserved in advance.

These redesigns are just the first stage, with Fall 2022 bringing more seating selection and bar service.

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