Men’s basketball dominate the Seawolves at Saturday game

Men’s basketball played against the Sonoma State University (SSU) Seawolves on Feb. 6. The game got off to a rocky start with Sonoma maintaining a lead for most of the first half, but California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) eked out a win. 

The Otters tried to respond to SSU’s lead with two layups from Andrew Ferguson (#13), but a basket from Sonomas Damian Wallace (#1) and Jaylen Wells (#0) kept SSU firmly in control of the game. 

The Seawolves and The Otters fought against each other, trading baskets, fouls and turnovers back and forth until the half ended with Sonoma in the lead at 41-28.

The second half started with CSUMB trying to regain control, with Tommy Kramer (#14) sinking a 3-pointer 30 seconds in. Seconds later, his teammates Levi Frankland (#3) and Andrew Ferguson (#13) answered the challenge and scored their own 3-pointers to help narrow the point gap between Monterey and Sonoma. 

The Seawolves however, weren’t finished just yet and continued to extend their lead. The Otters didn’t let this deter them and about halfway through the second half, were able to steal the lead from Sonoma. 

CSUMB maintained and extended their lead for the rest of the game and emerged the winners. The final score was 80-69. The Otters next game is against Chico State at the Wildcats’ home court on Feb. 10. For more information visit the Otter Athletics website.  

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