Lowpass Magazine puts a spotlight on local artists

Back in 2018, siblings Fernando and Karina Beltran set out to create their own zine, Lowpass Magazine. Based in Salinas, the two have been running copies of the zine since they were 20 and 15 years old, respectively. They created the zine with the idea of shedding light on local artists and fostering a positive environment where they would be motivated to create more. 

“The idea of the magazine, as much as we’re doing this thing, we want to help other people,” Karina explained. “It’s more about featuring other artists and while we’re doing that, it helps us in a way. But it’s not about us. It kind of gives people more of a purpose.”

“If you create something just to create something, only so much can happen from that. We don’t really profit from it or gain anything from it. We just do it because it looks pretty and it’s fun to hold something at the end of the day,” she said. 

Fernando added onto this statement, claiming that in Salinas “there’s a lot of untapped potential. A lot of people who go under the radar who deserve more of a spotlight and Lowpass is serving as a means to get their music to a larger audience.” 

Unlike other major California cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, which are known for their artistic roots, Salinas often gets overlooked, even though there’s so much hidden talent. 

“A lot of people go to L.A. with this specific idea of doing music. But there’s so many people in smaller areas who have just as much talent, working with less money, [that] deserve just as much,” Fernando said. “People like James Dean used to hang out here. John Steinbeck lived here who wrote [the] book ‘East of Eden’ which is about Salinas. There’s a lot of historical importance and a lot of importance still held [here].” 

The artistic legacy of Salinas continues to thrive to this day and is being highlighted by Lowpass Magazine.

As Karina added, “even today walking around, it’s either people are [performing] at the Beered Bean or there’s something happening at the bookstore or the antique store. I feel like downtown Salinas is gonna be popping off soon.”

The newest issue of Lowpass Magazine, set to release on Feb. 22, will have the theme of angel numbers and glitchy aesthetics. 

“We have a lot more writing in this one. We have two interviews and an article on a music teacher gone deaf. The show is gonna actually be at the 222 building [located at 222 Main ST, Salinas, CA]” Karina said. 

With the help of Lowpass Magazine, the community continues to grow with artists from around the world showcasing their talent in this Salinas-based zine. In the past, they have included artists from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Tennessee, and even Italy. 

In the words of their videographer Owen Lemon, “We’re letting a whole population know that we’re here. We’re doing this. We exist.”

Instagrams: @lowpassmagazine, @nandointhebando, @7kikizinatree


  1. Hi Karina and Fernando (perhaps via Bryan Chavez),
    Interested in buying your zine but both Mty Museum of Art and the other Monterey Museum by wharf said they were not aware of it, despite what County Weekly wrote. Will try Old Capitol Books, (when they open). Any other place in Monterey where available? Thank you, and looking forward to reading it.
    Elaine Herrmann

    (Worked at both Salinas hospitals for years and always interested in art world there. Are you aware of Hijos Del Sol in Salinas? Director/founder Jose Ortiz a remarkable man; it seems u 3 have common purpose and interests)

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