Otters reminisce with nostalgic fall crafts

North Quad Resident Advisor (RA) Palia Vang hosted an event called “Hand Me a Turkey” for residents at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) on Nov. 3.

“I felt bad for people who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving,” Vang said. “I didn’t want them to feel left out.”

Vang said her event was designed to be a fun stress-relieving event with coloring and snacks. Participants were transported back to their kindergarten days, as they traced their hands on construction paper and colored them to resemble turkeys.

“I name everything,” Vang said. 

Vang decided her turkey, boasting a curly mustache and hip boots on its feet, was to be named Harold. 

“Your turkey looks like Jeff,” Vang said to attendee and North Quad resident Jami Jeres.

Vang encouraged attendees to write what they are thankful for next to their artwork. 

Jeres wrote, “I am thankful for ALL my family and friends, and the experiences I’ve experienced.” 

After the event, Vang planned to hang the finished artwork in the dorm hallway for all to see.

Vang will host an Indigenous peoples information session during Thanksgiving week for students who stay on campus for the break.

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