Get ready to be obsessed with “Squid Game”

“Squid Game” has consumed the internet lately and references, memes and theories about the show can be found all over Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok. It is currently ranked second on U.S. Netflix’s Top 10 and has consistently made the list since it’s release on Sept. 17. 

All of the praise and hype surrounding “Squid Game” is not without good reason. Set in modern day South Korea, the show criticizes capitalism in a not-so subtle way. “Squid Game” highlights the desperation and lengths that the characters will go through to get out of their debts.

In “Squid Game,” 456 players are brought to an undisclosed location to compete in six different games. If they complete all of the games, they will earn the prize money of 45.6 billion won (or roughly $38 million USD). Failure to complete a game results in the players being eliminated – which they later discover is much more deadly than they were initially led to believe.

While “Squid Game” does offer an English dub, it is much more worthwhile to watch in Korean with subtitles. 

“Squid Game” aimed to use as little special effects as possible, providing the actors the opportunity to feel like they were actually in the space, which ultimately reflected in their performances and made the show feel real. 

The cast all gave standout performances and made it impossible to look away from the screen. In particular, Jung Ho-yeon stole many fans’ hearts in her role as Kang Sae-byeok (player 067). Even more impressive, this was her acting debut. 

Between the actors giving it their all and the script being so well written, “Squid Game” provides an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Nearly each episode ended on a cliffhanger and “Squid Game” went through many twists and turns viewers never saw coming. 

The musical score for “Squid Game” also added to the overall atmosphere of the show perfectly. The soundtrack is subtle, but it makes viewers feel the same anxieties the players are going through.

While “Squid Game” is definitely not for the faint of heart and got gruesome at times, it was hard to look away. With so many tiny details and clues throughout the show, it’s hard not to admire all of the work that went on to make it possible.  

“Squid Game” has made a huge impact around the world that surely won’t fade soon. From incredible cinematography, to a perfect soundtrack and amazing acting, “Squid Game” is a must-watch show and should not be passed up on.

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