Competing for victory: CSUMB men’s soccer battles Chico Wildcats

Chico Wildcats player Liam Duerksen (#13) aggressively scuffles with CSUMB’s Adrian Rebollar (#10) during the game on Oct. 8. 

Men’s soccer teams from California State University, Monterey Bay and California State University, Chico faced off in a physical match, with CSUMB conquering the game and continuing their winning streak on Oct. 8. 

In the second minute of the first half, a corner kick from Adrian Rebollar led to a successful header from Pedro Hernandez, setting the score of 1-0. 

Chico State’s leading scorer Jacob Chong capitalized on a long ball early in the first half, an opening to strike the goal without the presence of the Otter defense. 

Goalkeeper Adrian Muñoz was on his own. Without hesitation, he sprinted towards Chong’s attack, launching the ball out of Otter territory.

Friday’s game consisted of a back-and-forth battle between teams. During the second half, frequent blows from contact built tensions, culminating in a scuffle between the Otters and the Wildcats. 

Neither team threw any strikes. Players broke apart and moved forward with the competition. 

With seven minutes left on the clock, the Wildcats were in a position to even the odds with a threatening corner kick. 

Defender Colin O’Mahony blocked the shot, and Adrian Ortiz cleared the ball – preventing the attack. 

The match concluded with a score of 1-0 in CSUMB’s favor. Chico State’s soccer programs are competitive, ranked highly in the California Collegiate Athletic Association. The game was a substantial victory for the Otters. 

CSUMB takes on San Francisco State on Oct. 14. 

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