In-person energy and excitement returns to CSUMB as students explore clubs

Students at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) were flocking to the main quad to check out clubs and organizations the school offers on Sept. 1. A wide variety of organizations from Board Game Club to Cheerleading set up tables to interact with potential members. 

The first in-person Otter Showcase since the pandemic was similar to previous years. The only sign that things had changed were the masks that attendees wore. Fourth-year Jackson Bearbower commented on the event and the safety precautions set in place to keep students safe.

“I see a lot of people wearing masks, which is really nice,” Bearbower said. “I think I’m comfortable with in-person meetings. I really want to meet new people.” 

Bearbower joined a variety of new clubs at the showcase, including a Cybersecurity Club and an Anime Club.

Club leaders were equally excited to be back on campus interacting with students. One club that was particularly happy to return to campus was the Disc Golf Club. CSUMB’s campus is home to two championship disc golf courses, which the club takes advantage of for their activities. 

Ryan Teron, treasurer of the Disc Golf Club, was impressed with the showcase’s crowd.

“Otter Showcase was a great turn out,” Teron said. “Lots of new faces to meet, and to talk to about our club’s history and courses on campus.” 

The Marine Science Club (MSCI) saw a lot of interest, with marine science being one of the most popular majors at CSUMB. Club President Mariana Jimenez spoke about the club and how potential members are able to join.

“You don’t have to be a MSCI major,” Jimenez said. “As long as you love the Earth and the ocean, feel free to be a part of our family.”

Another club seeing tons of interest from students was the Pride Club. Their colorful table was filled with buttons, pins and shirts attracting potential members to learn more. Storm Whitney, the club president stated “It’s busy – in a good way!” 

At the Otter Cross Cultural Center (OC3) table student coordinators Amelia Parker and Wendy Feng enjoyed interacting with students and informing them of the resources this organization provides. 

“Being back is very exciting, and I can’t wait for the OC3 to connect with more students during our events,” Feng said. 

The OC3 provides a space to educate students about diversity, social justice and supports the diverse campus community.

The Otter Showcase began to resemble pre-pandemic life for CSUMB, as the bustling main quad was filled with excited student leaders and curious students looking for new ways to meet people again. 

Students who missed the showcase or are still not comfortable interacting in-person can look at the wide range of organizations available to them on There’s a new family for everyone to be a part of at CSUMB. 

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