Ginny & Georgia: A Gen-Z Gilmore Girls?

There’s nothing like a campy drama-filled show to binge, filling up the endless quarantine days. Luckily Netflix knows this and has released a show called “Ginny & Georgia.” The show revolves around the relationship of Ginny – short for Virginia – and her young mother Georgia. The pair, along with Ginny’s younger brother Austin, move from Texas to Massachusetts for a fresh start after Georgia’s husband dies in a suspicious manner. We learn that life is not always as it seems and that appearances can be deceiving. 

The acting – in particular that of Brianne Howey who plays Georgia – can feel at times over the top. However, there is a reason for this first impression. Georgia is motivated by the idea of giving her children everything that she went without – by any means necessary. She is fun, impulsive and as her love interest notes “a once-in-a-lifetime woman.” 

Georgia’s desire to keep up with the Wellsbury moms has the propensity to frequently get her in trouble. Part of Georgia’s appeal is her quick ability to find ways to get out of tricky situations. Ginny – played by Antonia Gentry – is a quiet and observing force of nature. With a swift look, Ginny is able to convey all of her emotions. She is sure of herself, at least in a way that is not typical of teenagers who are just learning who they are. Ginny thinks she knows what she wants but like her mother, she is one good reason away from changing the trajectory of her life. 

Ginny’s friend Maxine, an out and proud yet unexperienced teenage lesbian, is hilarious, theatrical and complex all at once. “Ginny & Georgia,” does not shy away from sensitive topics, instead tackles issues that every day teenagers go through. The show introduces themes of racism, misogyny, body dysmorphia and self-harm, but in a way that is relatable for young viewers to identify with. 

While the show does introduce these topics, they address them in an un-fleshed manner, leaving more to be desired. Ginny – one of a few Black students at her school – faces racism and microaggressions from her teachers and other students. It’s necessary to have included these instances, but there is no resolution and Ginny is left feeling distraught. These scenes can be triggering for people who experience racism daily, especially because Ginny is usually left to fend for herself. Her friends, who are sometimes the perpetrators of the harm put on Ginny, do nothing to address the racist incidents that Ginny experiences. Though Georgia is always ready to defend Ginny, she also doesn’t do as much as she could to address the microaggressions that her biracial daughter faces. There is the inclusion of controversial story lines and jokes that have not been well received. 

“Ginny & Georgia,” is a wild ride from start to finish. It’s an easy show to binge-watch since the characters are so likeable. Though Georgia has some downfalls, the audience is pushed to root for her success. The show has been equated to “Gilmore Girls,” because of the strong mother-daughter relationship. However, it goes further than “Gilmore Girls,” and creates an interesting space that intersects race, misogyny, classism and many other themes. Ultimately this is a show with something for everyone. Viewers have shown this. A cursory glance at the Netflix Top 10 list will show that “Ginny & Georgia,” is currently in second place for “most watched.” Viewers are drawn to this show for a myriad of reasons. To check it out, one can watch this fun and exciting 10-episode season on Netflix.

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