Serving up smoothies

The Basic Needs Initiative team at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) hosted their weekly Cooking with CSUMB virtual demonstration, highlighting faculty and staff recipes on March 18. Otter Cycle Center Specialist Carlos Espinoza guided viewers through the process of preparing various breakfast smoothies. Starting the event by discussing healthy options and complex carbohydrates, Espinoza shared a pre-recorded video of an energizing matcha smoothie recipe, featuring spinach, rolled oats, bananas and protein powder.

“Oats are a great complex carbohydrate,” Espinoza said. “They sustain you, they keep you from feeling hungry, and it’s good energy that lasts for a long time.”

Using a BlendJet blender, Espinoza began preparing a different breakfast smoothie for the live workshop. Combining ⅔ cup of rolled oats, a handful of spinach and a few splashes of milk, he added some dark chocolate cocoa mix to twist the smoothie’s flavor while proactively making a healthy decision. After creating some room in the BlendJet, Espinoza threw in a whole banana for extra taste and texture.

“When using the BlendJet, hold it down so it doesn’t jump around,” Espinoza said. 

The benefits of breakfast smoothies are fueling up fast on high energy foods while implementing the convenience of to-go meals for busy days. Switching over to a traditional blender, Espinoza mentioned the creamy factor avocados contribute to smoothies. When camping, Espinoza said he favors the hassle-free experience of BlendJet with its wireless, chargeable and compact design. 

After finishing the chocolatey, green, protein packed smoothie, Espinoza led viewers through the effective process of cleaning the BlendJet. Otter Cycle Center Student Service Specialist Seaenna Correa-Garcia then demonstrated a fruity smoothie recipe, adding versatility to the choices participants can choose when making smoothies at home. 

Slicing a whole mango into bite-sized chunks, Correa-Garcia also used pineapple, frozen banana and coconut water for a dairy-free, tropical delight. She informed guests that freezing ripe fruit before it spoils is an excellent way to eliminate food waste. Fruit can be peeled and frozen in ziploc bags, but make sure to consume in a timely manner. 

“Milk will give the smoothie a creamier taste,” Correa-Garcia said. “If you want more of a refreshing smoothie, you can use coconut water or apple juice – those clearer types of liquids.”

When in doubt on making a healthy breakfast, a smoothie is sure to do the trick. 

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