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Book review of Yesika Salgado’s poetry collection

In honor of National Womxn’s Month and before National Poetry Month, it’s important to recognize the impactful and powerful voices that transform social justice, bring body positivity awareness and embraces what it means to be a womxn. Los Angeles-based Salvadoran poet Yesika Salgado does just that. 

Throughout a series of three heartfelt, expressive and deeply personal poetry books, Salgado redefines love. Whether it be the blossoming of a new relationship, the tumultuous ending of another or the satisfaction of healing from the pain, Salgado gives a voice to unheard womxn, her culture, her body and her city.

“Corazon,” was the first in Salgado’s sensationalized installment. Reflecting on love itself, the hopeless romantic residing in Salgado’s spirit is exposed. The unquenchable thirst for happy-ever-after leaves Salgado on a mission to embrace each heartbreak as a stepping stone for avoiding future anguish. Addressing the turbulent dilemma with self-confidence, readers observe the growth and celebration of accepting one’s own skin through Salgado’s personal triumphs. Underlying within Salgado’s poems is the opportunity to create a love story anytime, anywhere.

“Tesoro,” recounts the painful tales of perseverance and survival: the metamorphosis of sacred connections. Salgado gives special recognition to the womxn in her life who fought the battle against abusive men, damaging careers and unsupportive families. Emphasizing the mourning of progressing past the comfort zone, the ethereal moment of treasuring yourself and your history comes to fruition. 

“Hermosa,” ties the previous two installments together. Shining light on the path of future endeavors, Salgado welcomes the journey of grief, disaster, rebuilding and intimacy. Cultivating a newfound sense of self-adoration, the possibilities are limitless and Salgado has proved so. Staying true to herself, Salgado has manifested an unconditional loving home within her soul. 

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