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CSUMB & Dole

California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) and the Diamond Key Program – part of the College of Business Accelerated Career Exploration for Student Success (“ACESS) – virtually hosted panelists from the Dole Food Company on Feb. 12. Speaking in areas of marketing, accounting, business and agriculture, Dole panelists provided attendees with insightful and constructive feedback useful for prospective employees, as well as an introduction to their daily life working at the world’s largest producer of fruits and vegetables. 

Diamond Key Program Director Susan Harker began the discussion by providing background information on the university’s business resources, then introduced CSUMB Accounting Society President Sydni Andrus who spoke on the night’s agenda.

“This is a multi-club event,” Andrus said. “For all of our College of Business clubs have come together to bring you this first-ever annual business clubs event.”

Business Club President Daniela Castillo moderated the panelists asking questions on what working for Dole is like, as well as being an active member of the agriculture industry and the daily tasks and responsibilities each role requires. Accounting Controller Dolores Salguero-Lopez spoke on the different departments accounting oversees, ranging from operations to farming. 

“We have sales, we have expenses and we need to get financials, in a timely manner, to operations,” Salguero-Lopez said. “We have to make sure we are paying invoices, compiling everything on the U.S. gap and providing different reports for operations.”

Working directly with a team of eight, Salguero-Lopez and her team manage accounting from the greenhouses to the spreadsheets, concentrating on Dole’s FreshPak – which creates salad kits, fruit cups and more – guaranteeing financially feasible ideas for production to begin while maintaining the company budget. 

Senior Project Manager of Innovation Aris Adams spoke on the quality work environment Dole creates for its employees, encouraging new ideas, supporting education and furthering knowledge and experience. 

“Globally, everyone knows the brand,” Adams said. “When they hear Dole, eyes light up. It’s a fulfilling job to work for.” 

Talent Acquisition Manager Adam Johnson admires the flexibility of Dole and the advantages working for the company offers. Changing your field or passion doesn’t mean the end when working at Dole, but opens the door to new opportunities. 

“You don’t live and die in sales, you don’t live and die in HR,” Johnson said. “Dole gives you the resources to switch careers and that’s unique. I don’t see that with many companies.”

Dole prides itself on being a sustainable, high-quality company that produces environmentally safe products and continuously looks for ways to improve safety and educational standards. Engaging in nutritional dialogue and advocating for children’s health, Dole leads the industry with ethical practices. Summer internships and career opportunities are available within Dole and can be found on their website.

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